Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Belmont

Shackleford has been a profitable pick so far, but can he go 12 furlongs?

I admit I was starting to fall into the Master of Hounds hellhole, but discovered that Andrew Beyer picked him and Andy was the kiss of death (again) in the Derby for Shackleford and in the Preakness for Animal Kingdom. When it comes to the Triple Crown, Beyer is bad luck. Period.

The public is falling for it, though.

Here's what I keep seeing in my mind: Da'tara

The only other horse with any speed in here is Stay Thirsty and he did not show said speed in the Derby against Shackleford. There is just no one to go with the big red horse.

So, yes, I almost fell for the Hound until I realized he isn't an Irish horse, but an American imposter. Coolmore is just taking a shot, and O'Brien stays in Ireland. Posing.

So yes. Catch Shackleford to win. Yes, it's a long race -- the further to get ahead of you.

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